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Dedicated Project Managers

We have the best team with a dedicated project manager

Target audience reach

We provide services to reach the target audience, generate leads and hence you generate sales.

Structured plan

We make sure we have synergies inclined to understanding your core need and coming up with our core offering.

OIncrease in ROI

Our PPC services help you design a wonderful and convincing campaign to generate sales! We partner with various industry players and professionals to build your brand and increase the bottom line.

Best Practices

We follow the best industry practices for our PPC services.

Adworld Gujarat - Your Trusted Partner

We are a leading PPC services company and your trusted consulting partner in leveraging the advertisement space to your maximum advantage. We are a marketing agency with experts in the digital space. Our PPC services help you design a wonderful and convincing advertisement and result in a conversion. Companies today want to increase the visibility of their product and service, and want a campaign to be marketed. Writing effective eye text needs to be well written and compelling despite character limitations.

Having a marketing strategy in place, we research and advertise the keywords the end-user wants to see. We also specialize in improving existing ad campaigns. Our experience enables us to gain the trust of all our stakeholders. We have a constant connection with our clients to assess what their needs are.

We track numbers of Clicks, analyze the cost Per Click they have incurred. We make sure your product gets the maximum footage. We understand the product and are committed to driving traffic quickly. We work on your pitch process and getting to the close. We have access to digital Ad accounts for your business.

We enable

  • ✔ Quick traffic
  • ✔ An easy systematic approach to target a specific audience
  • ✔ Pay only for the Performance of the ad
  • ✔ Quantify your result
  • ✔ Take control over your marketing campaign
  • ✔ Excellent research on keywords
  • ✔ Strong Cause to Action Strategies

Best Practices

  • ✔ We highlight benefits
  • ✔ We are specific about offers
  • ✔ Capitalizing each word
  • ✔ Utilizing Dynamic Keyword Insertions
  • ✔ Display URL Keywords
  • ✔ Keeping consumer mindset

GAP Analysis

The difference between the desired lead flow and the current lead flow is the gap that we cover.

Current State Vs Desired State

  • ✔ What is a conversion? Are we looking for a phone call, or a lead form, or considering a funnel?
  • ✔ How much is an average customer worth? Is a customer just for one time but our lifetime /value?
  • ✔ How many leads is the company already generating?
  • ✔ How many of the leads have turned to customers?
  • ✔ Do different sales have different values? That is the baseline to use for information for the pitch.

Result or Desired State

  • ✔ What is a conversion? Are we looking for a phone call, or a lead form, or considering a funnel?
  • ✔ How many more customers can a company handle daily? Are they prepared for the volume?
  • ✔ What are the products that need to be promoted desired to generate the maximum growth for the company?
  • ✔ Any areas that are more valuable to the business.
  • ✔ What has the company tried and what has worked and what has not?
  • ✔ Which competitors bother them the most?
  • ✔ What is the customer’s end goal?
  • ✔ When does the customer plan to reach it and how?
  • ✔ What happens if a customer reaches or does not reach that end goal?

Our subject matter experts explain the concepts for you.

So what is PPC?

PPC is an online marketing tool, where the advertiser “Pays Per Click” on their advertising campaigns. The Clicks lead to websites, apps, phone calls, directions to the business, and the like. This advertisement is used to lead users to your website for people to find your product or service. Businesses easily market their current offers, discounts, offers, promos for their products and services.

Steps to PPC

  • ✔ The setting of a Budget
  • ✔ Setting up your landing page
  • ✔ Choose Target market for campaign
  • ✔ Choose the mode accordingly
  • ✔ Setting up lead tracking to track results
  • ✔ Create and launch advertisement as Per the discussed needs
  • ✔ Monitor Results
  • ✔ Change strategy depending on the result

The advertiser puts up an ad on websites, portals, at Cost Per Click (CPC) which is mutually agreed which the advertiser wishes to Pay Per Click. The entire process is automated. You have chosen a campaign ready to be launched with the keywords that you want to display, your service provider has chosen the website for you. Depending on what you spend on your advertisement the size of the internet space you get. The publisher posts the ad on the website. The end-user is the customer of the advertiser.

The interaction level is determined by how interesting the ad is. Advertisers set a bid for Clicks to their website based on their target audience. The advertisements which pop up are based on a bid depending on the quality score of the advertisement.

Why would you Choose PPC in your Marketing Strategy?

The growing importance of advertising digitally today is much more than ever before. Some of the old methods have become obsolete over time and so today's presence digitally makes all your marketing efforts worthwhile. Most companies now understand this concept. If you are not using PPC in your marketing strategy, your competitor surely is. Any business's success is measured by the market share they acquire. Advertising PPC gives you a heads up in competition and levels up to meet your competitor's marketing strategy.

There is an expert team with various skills that goes into a successful PPC campaign. There are best practices that should be followed. There is so much that goes into managing it. There is also a strategy side of that equation. Only a firm that is well versed with the best practices and trained to manage such campaigns can handle and execute them successfully. The best workforce can bring about the best results for the advertising efforts.

So for you to have a successful advertising run, keep in mind the above points while choosing your PPC partner.

Landing Page Suggestion/Creation

Get your landing page to speak for itself!

We offer professional designs for your landing page. The right page speaks to the target audience in the most effective manner. This is the face of any company digitally.

L2L – The Lead to Leads Strategy

Partnering with us ensures your company a competitive edge which in turn leads to leads and sales through our in-depth market research. Our created landing pages are easy-to-use, fast, and effective

Our landing pages are:

  • ✔ Convincing
  • ✔ Carefully-crafted
  • ✔ Clear
  • ✔ Consistent
  • ✔ Cohesive

Testing - We make sure we take care of testing

Remarketing Services

Maximize Sales – Driving to the bottom line!

We provide you excellent remarketing with our exceptional digital marketing experts to do the job. With this expertise, you can redo your marketing campaign which can maximize sales!

You can meet our experts, and have a discussion to make a decision

Display Ads

No matter the story the buyer is the hero! Capturing the art and the heart on display!

The use of text and pictures to convey a message and reach the target audience. Our Display advertising services help you capture the attention of your target market.

Search Marketing

Your search for the best Search Marketing Services ends Here!

Get an all-in-one solution to your marketing needs with our search marketing services. We include customer strategy analysis AI insights, methodical reporting, streamlined Search Engine Marketing at its best.

Video Ads

Telling A Story – Laying the foundation of a Strong House!

People watch, discuss and share videos. Our services provide you well research video ads and social media services. This is the fastest-growing segment that all business wants to explore. Active social media presence is the key to success in revenue and it is proven.

Shopping Ads

Shopping – Always a Good Idea – Creating Ads for it – Even Better!

Websites that have a large range of products and want to make their website look planned rhythmic and cohesive can avail of our services. You can see an increase in conversion rates, increase in prospect audience browse rate. Every click matters and we help you achieve the best!

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